But what happens when you turn your head and look at your partner. I have to admit that the sight of my bulging tummy is a bit intimidating. It was happened to me, when my relationship started to progress. Do I now want any confidence that I wouldn’t have had there. Of course I do.

But what if I still look the same. I could not imagine what my partner would say.

Imagine how nervous I am. I am not wearing my hair up, nor do my eyebrows raise. It is a must for me to look as perfect as possible. I have been doing up a storm, but unfortunately it has been washed out in a mess. And I don’t like it.

In my own way, I have tried a lot of things. Weight loss pills, eating low fat foods, exercise. I just cannot seem to keep it off. I will feel like a failure, and I don’t want that for me. I want to feel confident with my partner.

Is there a way to make old weight gain habits fade away? Yes. It is all in the choices that I make. If my partner believes that if food is a problem that she will need to take weight loss pills as well, then let’s go on a mission to the pharmacy. We could go on diets together, and exercise together. But it’s my way of being responsible. By being cautious, considering everything that is put in my mouth, I can truly be my ideal weight.

Emotional overeating, while not the healthiest, is a habit that you have to get control of. I know it’s hard, but there is no secret name or secret method of changing the way you think. Time and time again, I have made up my mind to ask myself, before I put food in my mouth, ‘Is this food going to get me closer to my goal, or further away from my goal?’

When you begin to notice that a food you are feeling powerless and unattractive is causing you to postpone your self-confidence, and you are not feeling loved and nurturing as you should, then it’s time to stop. I’ve had cases when, through no fault of my own, I’ve done some fairly silly decisions. Things like, ‘Come on, it won’t hurt; I’ll just have this one,’ or ‘I don’t feel like eating it; I’ll pass it up.’

Probably you are saying to yourself, to put it another way, I should have eaten the chocolate…for the sake of the chocolate; not the chubby girl pig out.

You will find the best way to do this is to ask yourself first, out loud, ‘Is this going to help me towards getting to my goal? Or not’?

Ironically, what you eat for fuel can be just as important as what you do! It is the fuel that makes you do the things you do, and it is the nutrients in food that give you the particular vitamins and minerals that your body must have in order to function well.

But your body is responding to a different energy source: the one from the protein in the pasta, and not the fat in the chocolate. And, amazingly enough, the body is responding accordingly. It will use the energy from the protein to work the muscles, and store the excess as fat. It’s not aware that you’re feeding it the fuel from the pasta; it is only responding to what you want it to do. You may be amazed to find how important this can be.

Let’s say you are trying to lose weight, but you feel an immediate lack of enthusiasm. You are physically alert, mentally alert. Yet, you don’t feel like your usual self. Why? Because you are now poorly nourished. You are lacking the energy that came from good, wholesome, nourishing food; the energy that fuels you to your activity.

What you give your body today, give your body what it wants today. True, it may have browsed through fitness magazines, and got a taste of the good fuel; even so, it may long for the bad fuel – the one that will set you up to crash.

So, while you’ve been laboring to lose, lets take a quick look at what your body is getting. Your body is getting exactly what it asked for – good minerals and nutrients – so it can be given exactly what it needs.

Your body can get more from the good fuel faster. Additionally, it can get from the bad fuel more slowly because it’s getting less of it. All things being equal, if you’ve been eating enough of the good fuel, and less of the bad, your body will thank you.

You may have anything you want.